Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Benefits of Content Marketing

By Erin Quinlan

Are you thinking about how to grow your business? 

Content marketing is a great way to increase visibility, gain a higher level of trust from customers, and increase customer loyalty.

These are all good things, right?

Did you know that blogs on company sites result in 55 percent more visitors? How about that blogs are 63 percent more likely to influence purchase decisions than a magazine? Or that 60 percent of customers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site?

This sound pretty good to you? 

The Silent Partner Marketing can help you get there. We are your marketing team in the digital age. From social media, blogging, videography, and traditional and digital advertising and public relations, we are the consulting team that you’ve been searching for.

Want to know more about why content marketing is important?

With content marketing, your chances for going viral increases. If you create something that’s interesting and especially entertaining, you’ve got the potential to be seen by a much larger audience. One advantage of building a favorable audience is that you begin to multiply the outlets for your content.

Content marketing can make you money. And who doesn’t want to make more money? If a marketing strategy doesn’t help you make more money, don’t do it. Content marketing and it’s more edgy form, inbound marketing, deliver the goods better than any other strategy.

Content marketing generates sales more efficiently and it is one of the least expensive forms of marketing if done correctly. Sounds good, right?

It can also increase the number of sales. Also a good thing. Content marketing can help increase sales by meeting customers wherever they’re at in the buying process and moving them forward giving them the knowledge they need to take their next step.

Content marketing will also pull in unexpected customers. You can introduce your company to people who didn’t know you existed. By choosing topics that are on the minds of your customers and talking about them in helpful ways, you’ll attract them through search engines. 

You will also establish yourself as a thought leader with content marketing. By taking a bold stance in the marketplace of ideas, you’ll begin to establish yourself as the “expert.” It’s always nice to be thought of as an expert, isn’t it?

Content marketing positions you as a helpful resource, which is also a good thing. Your customers are looking for answers. If you’re not providing helpful resources for those looking for this information, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to gain credibility early in the buying process.

Content marketing helps make a personal connection. Be personal. Use your face. Be real. Make a personal connection. In fact, the more you emphasize your unique personality, the more you’ll create an advantage in the marketplace because there is no way for someone to compare you to your competition. You’re unique.

Content marketing builds valuable relationships with your audience. If you’re transparent about your knowledge, experience, questions, and so forth, just as in real life, you become more approachable. That trust forms the basis for future marketplace transactions.

If all of this sounds like where you want to be, give us a call at 866-432-6456. We can answer any questions you may have and help you on your way to a successful business.


Erin Quinlan is the Content Marketing Manager of The Silent Partner Marketing, a boutique marketing firm focused on helping businesses grow in an age of exploding technology. You can find The Silent Partner Marketing on Google+Facebook, and Twitter