Monday, February 24, 2014

Review Extortion - How Yelp Helps Evil Consumers

Restaurants.  Car dealerships.  Bars.  Retail shops.  Museums.  Chances are - if you own a business, you're on Yelp - whether you know it like it or not.

Which also means that chances are good you've suffered "review extortion".  We'll get to the "dining with your lawyer" part of this article in a second.

But first - check out the statistics.  90% of Yelp users say that positive reviews affect their buying choices.  93% who conduct research on review sites including but not limited to Yelp (there are countless sites such as Google, Trip Advisor, etc) say they typically make purchases at the businesses for which they search for reviews.

Now let's look at the flip side.  77% of small businesses that use Yelp say that the site has impacted the way they respond to customer issues and complaints...but 87% of small businesses don't actively use review sites like Yelp.

Now back to "dining with your lawyer".

Countless clients of ours have agonized at the hands of these consumers.  We're here to help - but man, do we feel their headaches.

Here are the customers that I'm talking about:

Enter, person with the nickname: couponholic.

Server: "Can I get you started with something to drink?"

Couponholic: "I got this coupon in the mail that says 'Dine for $29' and says on it that I can come pick two entrees and a bottle of wine from your menu for just $29.  So we'll have the filet, the lobster and the 2009 Silver Oak Cabernet."

Server: "Actually, sir - that coupon says it's is for a select menu.  Here's that menu.  I'm happy to review those options with you."

Couponholic: "What!  This is ridiculous!  You'll give me what I interpreted this to be or I'll slam you on Yelp!"

Server: "Somebody shoot me."

Dining with your lawyer.  When did this become the trend?  When review sites started impacting small businesses.

Listen, don't get me wrong.  Sites like Yelp can be great.  They force businesses to be on top of their game and provide good customer service.  I'll be the first person to admit - I've written some great reviews for business and some really harsh reviews.  When justified.

But then there are people who hold the threat of reviews over the heads of small businesses like ex's with less-than-appropriate pictures from that wild night in NYC.  Wrong?  Of course.  Effective?  You bet.

Or how about the small business in Connecticut that put a special promotion out during a recent snowstorm advertising a deep discount?  They had the right date (that day) and it very clearly specified that it was a snowstorm special.  But because the day of the week was wrong (and the business sent out an IMMEDIATE retraction email)...customers found it in their hearts to call the business and demand that the discount be given the next day.

What happened to basic human understanding?  Compassion?  I'll tell you what happened.  Yelp happened.

Chances are, your business has some of those less than stellar reviews.  Or perhaps has great reviews.  But the big question you even know?  And are you responding to each and every review that's out there?  Are you disputing the incorrect ones...or thanking the positive reviewers?

Our team at The Silent Partner Marketing works with our clients to manage your online reputation.  Every review - positive or negative - is an opportunity to grow.  Just make sure you don't squander it.  Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Psychological Pricing and Your Restaurant

By Kyle Reyes

Ever hear about the theory on psychological pricing?  It's the reason why you see so many retail prices with odd numbers - like $19.95.  The psych behind it is that consumers perceive these prices to be significantly lower than they actually are...tending to round down instead of up.  The idea is that it increases demand and boosts volume sales.

Don't believe me?  Look around.  Start with the gas stations.

Some retail establishments use a version of this to set aside clearance or discontinued items.  Look at Costco, for example.  If you see a price ending in a 7...i.e. $19.97 - you'd better scoop up 15 of them.  Because the end is near.

There was a study done in 1997 by Kaushik Basu which essentially found that an individual seller can charge the larges possible component of cents - .99 - without impacting consumer behavior.  The study was supported with testing by Ruffle and Shtudiner in 2006...comparing this pricing structure against other seller prices.

But does the same concept translate when it comes to food?

Let's look at Wendy's vs. McDonalds.

Wendy's started with the 99-cent menu.  McDonalds...the dollar menu.

Both have since all but disappeared.  Wendy's changed it's menu to "Right Price Right Size".  The portions went down...the prices went up.

McDonalds just went through a rebranding campaign - "The Dollar Menu & More".

Hardly a scientific study.  But it's important for restaurants to look at industry and psychology trends when pricing menus...because it has a direct impact on their bottom lines.

When the restaurant consulting division of The Silent Partner Marketing works with our restaurant clients, we look at these studies and many more.

For example, look at the study that Cornell University researchers did at St. Andrew's Cafe.  They offered three types of menus - one with the price with the word "dollar" spelled out...another with a price with a dollar sign...and a third listing a dollar sign in front of the numerals.

The study found that when the word "dollar" was spelled out...sales dropped tremendously.  And when the dollar sign and word were absent, customers tended to spend more.

Another study found that the flat dollar amount vs. the dollar amount with a "cent" reduced on it ($5 vs. $4.99) changed the perception of diners about the value.  Consumers found that while there was more VALUE in the lower price...they associated significantly more QUALITY with the higher price.

Now what about item placement on your menu?  Are there ways to track eye movements to maximize profit margins for restaurant owners?  You'd better believe it.

But we can't give away all of the tricks of the trade.  Instead, we'll leave you with this.

Consumers - next time you look at a restaurant menu (specifically at a larger restaurant with a national chain)...take note of how the prices are listed and where certain menu items are placed.

Restaurant owners - you know what to do.  Hit us up.  We'll help you sort it all out and find that missing money.  Email us today for your complimentary consultation.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dealing With A Public Relations Outbreak

By Kyle Reyes

Many small businesses try for years to get media exposure.  Some succeed and are proud to see their company featured in the newspaper or the evening news.  Others fall short - wondering why they can't seem to catch the eyes of journalists.  Others end up making headlines - for all of the wrong reasons.

It's one of the many topics we'll be covering in the seminar The Duck Dynasty Dilemma.

Phil Alexander Robertson.  Professional hunter.  Duck Commander.  Reality television star.  And man of faith.

In late 2013 he became the subject on controversy after an interview with GQ magazine, where he said that homosexual behavior is sinful.

The media exploded.

A&E suspended him.  Then ran a marathon of The Duck Dynasty.  Then, citing strong backlash from his supporters, lifted the suspension after nine days.

Let's be clear.  This isn't a blog debating whether what he said was or was not appropriate.  This is about looking at the big picture...on a simplified level.

An employee made some comments that an employer may or may not have agreed with.  Said employer ended up in the media spotlight.  It's the building blocks for a public relations nightmare.

It's happened a million times - and it'll happen a million more.

George Zimmer - Men's Wearhouse.

Pink slime - McDonalds.

We don't like ugly people - Abercrombie.

The good news, as The Wall Street Journal points out, is that bad PR has a short shelf-life these days.  Corporate PR guru Robert L. Dilenscheider put it best: "Tell it and tell it fast.  If you do that, it goes away in a day.  The attention span of the public is very short."

So how DO you handle bad public relations?

1)  If the bad PR is a bold-faced lie, confront it.  Find the source of the problem and address it.  This is your reputation at stake.

2) Admit that perhaps you screwed up.  Publicly acknowledging mistakes and fixing the problem goes a long way.  People know that you're not perfect - nobody is.  But you'll gain more respect by owning up and proposing a solution than you will if you propose a coverup.

3) Get a little lovin' from your fans.  Solicit your supporters to speak on your behalf.  Sometimes your best advocates are your customers that know the real YOU and can attest to how wonderful your business usually is.  Sometimes positive reviews from your customers will go a long way in balancing customer complaints.

4) If it has hit the media - contact the reporter or editor.  They want to make sure they get both sides of the story.  Reach out to them - without being confrontational.  Give them your side of the story and offer a different angle with fresh information or opposing evidence.

5) Turn to the competition.  One newspaper or TV station blast you...and you haven't had traction in addressing the full story?  Turn to their competition and offer them an exclusive interview.

6) Use it as an opportunity to grow.  Don't be afraid to admit to your staff that the business went through a bad round of PR.  They saw it - there's no point in hiding from it.  Use these mistakes to help bring the team closer together.

The Silent Partner Marketing is a boutique marketing firm focused on helping businesses grow in an age of exploding technology.  Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is Your Business Ready For The Next Storm?

By The Silent Partner Marketing

Milk and bread.

If I had to identify a theme of the day Wednesday, it would have been "milk and bread".

As in..."there's a big one coming - gotta get some milk and bread".

Apparently it didn't occur to anyone that we live in New England.  You know, that part of the country where it snows in the winter.

As countless people jam the grocery stores, it makes me wonder - who can't go a day without milk and bread?

But more importantly - do you people have NO food in your house?

That brings us to the topic of preparedness.  I'm not talking Homeland Security preparedness - I'm not here to lecture you on the fact that if you need to rush to a grocery store in a panic every time it's going to probably shouldn't be allowed to cut your own meat.

But it SHOULD make you think about the business you run.

How prepared is your business to handle the next storm?  That storm could come in the form of Mother Nature.  It could come in the form of a bad review or negative impact on social media.  It could come in the form of some bad press, brought upon by a member of your staff making controversial comments.

It's that very topic that we'll be addressing at our seminar on Tuesday, February 18th at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce.  The event, geared towards business owners, will start with some coffee, muffins and networking at 8am.  The seminar itself will run from 8:30am-9:30am - and it's free.  But seats are VERY call the Manchester Chamber of Commerce at 860.646.2223.

The seminar is called The Duck Dynasty Dilemma.  We'll be exploring public relations outbreaks and how they have the potential to turn into outrageous marketing.  Now before you get all huffy and puffy - we won't be getting into the politics of The Duck Dynasty Dilemma.  We'll let you debate that over lattes at Starbucks.  Here's what we WILL be looking at:

-How to deal with negative press.
-How to implement a social media strategy for your staff.
-How to deal with negative reviews and turn them into great opportunities.
-What's this whole "outrageous marketing" thing and what does it mean for my business?

We should warn you - this seminar isn't for the faint of heart.  We'll explore everything from Miley Cyrus getting naked and Justin Bieber getting high (for the love of God can SOMEONE deport him already??).  We'll inspire you to try new and creative strategies to grow your business.  We'll make you question your social media strategy.  We'll make you salivate...and get excited about sinking your teeth into reviews.  We'll even have some giveaways and prizes.

But we won't have milk and bread.  There's only so far we're willing to go.

The Silent Partner Marketing is a boutique marketing firm that fills the role of a marketing team for your business.  From social media, public relations, blogging and other digital videography, photography, event planning and consulting on traditional advertising - we've got you covered.  For a complimentary consultation or to learn more, click here to visit our website, email us by clicking here or call us at 866.432.6456.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bobsleds, Busted Doors and Outrageous Marketing

I'll never forget the time I was staying at a hotel and broke the toilet lid.  

Don't ask. 

Sure was a far cry from the hotel mishap you're going to read about here.

All I'll say is this.  What should have been a romantic evening turned into a desperate search for a glue strong enough to fix the lid...and lots of praying that the staff wouldn't notice.

No tweeting pictures of the mayhem.  No Facebook check-ins at Home Depot.  Social media didn't exist back then.

Flash forward.  Sochi, Russia.  If you haven't already seen this - you can thank me later.

USA bobsledder Johnny Quinn got out of the shower Friday night and realized he was locked in the tiny bathroom.  Apparently he was also claustrophobic.  Or really hungry.  Or desperate to watch Russian soap operas.

When he realized he couldn't get out, the former Green Back Packer took an...unusual...approach to escape.  And the first thing he did?  He tweeted about it.  With, of course, a custom hashtag:

In a true show of American pride, teammate Dallas Robinson did what any bro would do.  He gave him props, Twitter-style.  Retweeting the photo, he added:

U.S. skeleton athlete John Daly asked the tough question on Twitter that I'm sure many of you were also thinking:

Well, he has a point.  Oh, come on - you're not fooling anyone.  We KNOW you're surfing Pinterest in there.

There's a lesson here for business owners.  We're no longer living in a day where you superglue the toilet lid back together and hope for the best.  In 2014, EVERYTHING is out there.  A simple tweet can end up hitting more eyeballs than you could have ever imagined.  

So we leave you with just one question: are you the type of business owner who will sit and hope someone shows up...or are you going to bobsled down the door in front of you and tell the world who you are?

Let The Silent Partner Marketing help you become a marketing Olympian.  Contact us today and let the outrageous marketing games begin.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Creative Cocktails And Your Brand Online

First, let's be clear.  That's not Tony Stark.  Sorry, ladies.

We had the opportunity to film at Grants Restaurant and Bar in West Hartford last week.  Smack in the middle of a snowstorm, we were surrounded by bartenders from some of Connecticut's hottest bars and restaurants...all learning about Hennessy.

It was at this tasting that I learned a little bit about phylloxera.  Ever hear of it?  It's a bug that attacks grapevines and sucks the sap from their roots.

Here's the interesting thing.  I'm going to boil down the history into about a sentence.  The bug hit...and nearly wiped out vineyards in Cognac, France.  And what does low supply do?  Leads to a higher demand - and price.  And without spending too much time going into the details - I should also point out that the Great Wine Blight also in a roundabout way lead to a greater demand for scotch.  

There's a lesson in this for every business owner.  In today's economy, we can't always see what's coming down the pipe.  A new restaurant opening across the street... your competitor doing a BIG advertising push...or a shift in the demographics that are doing business with you.

Our team at The Silent Partner Marketing helps you to take each of these challenges...and find the opportunities in them.  

As the price of cognac rose drastically thanks to the little know what also rose?  Perceived value.

Marketing is the message.  Advertising is the delivery method.  Let The Silent Partner Marketing help you sell your customers on the VALUE of doing business with you...not the PRICE of your services.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why I Hate Starbucks This Week

I sort of hate Starbucks this week.

Some weeks I hate Starbucks because of the amount of times I find myself drawn to their caffeine like a drug addict looking for a fix.

Some weeks I hate Starbucks because the allure of a girly frap calls to me like a bug zapper to a mosquito.

Some weeks I hate Starbucks because I looked at my American Express card and found I'd spent more money on coffee than I had on my wedding.

But this week I hate Starbucks because they bridged a gap between strangers.

Huh?  Allow me to explain.

Perhaps you've noticed that many Starbucks locations have started shifting over from a whole bunch of small tables to a big conference style table and a few smaller tables.

My first reaction - this isn't a freaking board meeting at The Silent Partner Marketing.  It's not a high school study session (ok, it's not SUPPOSED to be).  It's a place where I can come have a cup of coffee in private.

Or meet with my attorney.

Or my financial advisor.

Or my new employee.

Come to think of it, I guess Starbucks IS sort of a board meeting.  And the realization hit me this week that perhaps Starbucks is more forward-thinking than some of us are.

I didn't feel like driving all over the state the other day, so I asked several clients to meet me at Starbucks for back-to-back-to-back-to-back meetings.

I was more wired than the George Washington Bridge by the end of the day.  But that's not my point.

My first meeting was with my life insurance guy.  He sat down at the table with me (there were only two other small standalone tables - neither were available).  We immediately looked at the people sitting on either side of us and started laughing.

"Well, this sure will make talking about your death a little awkward," he commented.

I stopped laughing.  I didn't realize we were talking about my death.  The conversation turned slightly awkward.  I realized he was perhaps correct.  

So then, of course, I was mad.  How about a little privacy, you brewers of liquid heaven?  I started wondering if perhaps they were all employed by the NSA.

Pause.  Let's flash to a scene from the show Blue Man Group.  It takes place in a coffee shop...and there you see countless people - surrounded by people - but all living in their own bubbles, talking on their phones...typing on their computers.  People...surrounded by people...but not talking to any of the real people.

I'm thinking Starbucks executives went to see Blue Man Group and were sort of freaked out.

Ok, back to my meetings at Starbucks.

By the second meeting, we started joking with the people next to us about how awkward it was to be sitting so close.

By the third meeting, we were sharing pastries.  BY CHOICE.  .... I know, right?

By my fourth meeting that afternoon, I was exchanging cards with a teacher, a social worker, and a web developer - all of whom were planning on attending a networking group that several of my clients and I are all part of.

When my meetings wrapped up for the afternoon, it hit me.  Perhaps Starbucks had found a way to bring humans back together again.

What about you and your business?  Are you forward thinking?  Are you willing to risk ticking people off....if ultimately it will bring your customers to a better place?

Contact The Silent Partner Marketing today.  Find out about the crazy risks WE'VE taken to help our clients grow.  Sometimes it's the most outrageous marketing that works.

On February 18th, The Silent Partner Marketing will be hosting a FREE seminar at The Manchester Chamber of Commerce in Manchester, CT from 8:30-9:30am.  It's called "The Duck Dynasty Dilemma".  We'll explore what to do in the event of a "public relations outbreak"...and look at some outrageous marketing that's worked.

With that being said....thanks, Starbucks.  I hate you this week.

How Marketing is Like Dieting

Every January, countless numbers of Americans make a resolution to lose weight.  Every February, countless numbers of Americans cancel their gym membership.

The same can be said for so many small business owners when it comes to their marketing.

"I'm going to do that Facebook thing this year!"

"I'm going to start a newsletter!"

"I'm going to put out balloons every Saturday!"

So many good little consistency.  

As we all know, the trick to achieving your resolution for a healthy "you" creating a plan and sticking to it.  The same goes for your business.

We recently met with a company that wanted us to design and execute a social media strategy for them.  After looking through the initial concept, the person we were meeting with offered this: "But what if I only have you post a couple of times a month?  Will it be a different price?"

It WILL be a different price.  Actually, it won't cost you a thing.  Because we just won't do it.

It's our job to help small businesses implement marketing strategies that work... not to help them be on social media "a couple of times a month" so they can say they are on it.

So it's time for a little self-reflection.  Are you marketing sporadically just so you can "be out there", or do you have an actual marketing strategy?

Our team is here for businesses that can't afford to create a marketing team or hire a marketing executive.  We save you the payroll and benefits...offering outside consulting, design and execution of a custom-tailored marketing strategy for your business.

Stick with your marketing diet this year.  Contact The Silent Partner Marketing today for a free consultation.

Why The IRS Loves Auto-Gratuity

“An automatic gratuity of 18% will be added for parties of six or more.”
Back in the day, I bartended at an Italian restaurant.  It was during my time there that I learned about the joys of dealing with customers.
Which is why I’m sort of torn on the whole automatic gratuity policy that a lot of restaurants have.  
Personally, I almost always tip at LEAST 20%, knowing that this is the bread and butter for many servers and bartenders.  I know the challenges they face.  Been there, done that.  I know that for every 20-percenter like myself, there are 50 10-percenters.  Then there are the people who use Groupons and other coupons…only to leave 15% on the discounted bill, thinking for some reason they are being generous.  Or the people that instead leave notes telling the staff to “get a real job”.  Those are the same people who wonder why the bartender ignores them the next time they come in. 
By the same token, an automatic gratuity can be a crutch for lazy servers.  Why go above and beyond when you know you’re guaranteed 18%?  So again – I get it.  And that’s why I’m torn on the whole automatic gratuity debate.
Turns out the IRS LOVES auto-gratuity.  As a matter of fact, they love it so much – they’re now going to tax it differently.
Our marketing firm has the pleasure of working with a number of restaurants throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  We have a division of The Silent Partner Marketing that focuses on restaurant marketing and restaurant consultation.  And this tax code change is something we’re receiving countless phone calls about as restaurant owners struggle to figure out how they’re going to deal with the new regulation.
Here’s the quick overview.  The Internal Revenue Service will now regard this automatic gratuity as wages – technically “service charges”, rather than gratuity.  That means restaurant owners will have to withhold a portion of their staff's pay for FICA and payroll taxes. 
Deep breath.  Before you start yelling and screaming that they SHOULD be taxed on it in this fashion, there are a few factors here to consider.
First of all, in most restaurants, servers pay out a percentage of their gratuity (automatic or not) to other members of the staff (bussers, bartenders, bar-backs, etc.). 
Second of all, in some banquet facilities, a portion of that automatic gratuity on larger parties will go to the staff member who organized the event or managed it along with those other members of the service team. 
Essentially, this creates a logistically mess for restaurant managers and owners.
Now here is the other side of the rule that many people aren't talking about.
The federal minimum wage for servers is set at $2.13 per hour (it's higher in a handful of states, including Connecticut).  But the restaurant is supposed to make up the difference between tips earned and regular minimum wage if the amount of the gratuity doesn't bring the server up to the standard minimum wage number.  I know.  It can be a little confusing.
One could argue that this IRS ruling should have helped restaurant workers by stating that automatic gratuities were not tips and could therefore not be applied to cover the difference between the server minimum wage and the standard occupational minimum wage.
The new tax code means many restaurants and bars will be eliminating the auto-grat policy entirely.  But the point of this blog isn’t to weigh in on whether the policy is right or wrong…it’s to make you aware of it.  Many restaurant owners are calling The Silent Partner Marketing asking how to deal with the changes in creative ways to ensure that the taxes are fairly and properly paid…but that the money is distributed properly and that the staff is protected.  Can’t fault a restaurant owner for looking out for his or her staff.
If you are someone you know is struggling to figure out how to incorporate these changes into your shop, drop us a line at  We’re happy to offer free guidance and advice.
And if you’re one of the guests who happens to hit up a bar or restaurant as part of a large group – and notice there’s no longer an automatic gratuity – make sure to take care of the staff.  Because I PROMISE you they’ll remember it.

Marketing, Cigars and Bacon - Growing Your Business in 2014

My wife and I were very excited to enjoy a low-key New Year's Eve with another couple.  We stayed in and enjoyed some delicious home-cooked food...taking in enough calories to make competitive eaters bow their heads in shame.

Shortly before the ball dropped, while the ladies chatted inside, my friend and I enjoyed a couple of nice cigars and single malt scotches outside - a rare treat for us.

Naturally the conversation turned to New Year's Resolutions.  We decided we'd both be eating MUCH better in 2014...and after the ball dropped, he was going to quit smoking.  (Outside of the rare cigar - I've never been a smoker.  Forget the health impact - those things are FAR too expensive).

We went inside feeling good...looking forward to achieving our goals.

Flash forward.  9:30am this morning, we enjoyed some homemade sandwiches stuffed with cheddar, Canadian bacon, BACON bacon, maple syrup, eggs, and the greasy and delicious taste of defeat.  We washed them down with mimosas and bacon-chocolate chip cookies...then he went outside and had a smoke.

Here's my point - whether it's a resolution to lose weight, quit smoking, save money or any other countless's wildly difficult to stick with it many times.

And as business owners, you have the same challenges.

Other marketing firms will tell business owners what New Year's Resolutions they should make.  But as I sit here after consuming the equivalent of a pig farm for breakfast, I'm instead going to offer you a few different starting points to help you expand your marketing this year.

1.  Social media - It's incredibly easy to get totally overwhelmed about social media.  Countless small businesses will start the year strong....posting minute-by-minute updates on Facebook and Twitter, only to burn out two weeks in and forget about it.  Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter...and so many others...where do you begin?  With your CUSTOMERS.  Find out where they are...and instead of trying to be EVERYWHERE...just be somewhere.  And be GOOD at it.

2.  Email Marketing - You can debate the statistics and merits of email newsletters all day, but the bottom line is this - it's inexpensive and it's a GREAT way of staying in front of your customers.

3.  Video - It's 2014.  If you're not using video to promote your business, you're missing a HUGE opportunity.  Let's break this down simply - Google owns YouTube.  YouTube hosts your videos.  Your videos are about your business.  Harness the power of video to talk to your customers or potential customers in a whole new way and watch your business grow.  Check out a little video about how we roll by clicking here.

4.  Your website - More people will most likely visit your website than will ever visit your store.  Let's try and convert those people to sales.  Is your website user experience as strong as it could be?  Try mystery shopping both your website and your location and see what kind of honest feedback comes in.  You might be surprised.  

5.  Blogging - It's free.  And it puts you in front of entirely new audiences.  Think nobody reads them?  That theory kind of goes out the window...considering you're reading this!  

Don't try and do EVERYTHING...but try and do SOMETHING.  These are a few of the services that The Silent Partner Marketingoffers - but we're always happy to offer advice.  Follow our blog throughout the year for more tips and tricks...or feel free to check out our website by clicking here.

Happy New Year!

Marketing Resolutions For Your Company in 2014

"In times of change, learners inherit the earth - while the learned are beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."  ~Eric Hoffer

Most business owners already have too much on their plates.  Trying to balance inventory, payroll, staffing, and every other component of running a company takes enough work - so who has time for social media or other forms of marketing?  Blogging?  Video production?  Yeah...maybe next year.

It's this very challenge that brought most of the clients we work with to us.  From restaurants and car dealerships to contractors and spas...they all face the same challenge - trying to remain competitive in the digital age.  

Our team fills the role of a marketing team for the companies we work with - without the costs of a high payroll and benefits.  You get the expertise of a marketing team to develop and execute a marketing strategy for your company - at a fraction of the cost and NONE of the headache.

Take this latest study out of London as an example.  It's found that many older teenagers have found that Facebook is "not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried".  Bet you were just thinking that in the new year, you should start to think about making a Facebook page, weren't you?

Or how about YouTube?  Why is it that all of a sudden so many businesses are exiting YouTube...or shifting content to Vimeo?  These are some of the questions our team at The Silent Partner Marketing answers for our clients every day.

My point isn't that you SHOULDN'T be taking advantage of social media outlets such as Facebook and YouTube.  It's that it's next to impossible for business owners to keep up with these trends...much less understand how to use them to grow their business.

The Silent Partner Marketing is here to offer free guidance and advice as you try and figure out what to do in 2014 to market your business.  Hit us up at the gmail account we've created to help answer your questions -  We're happy to offer some tips and tricks.

Keep in mind...we're happy to offer a free consultation as well to help you get 2014 started on the right foot.  Our boutique marketing firm helps develop and execute strategies to help you grow - and we help you to have fun doing it.  Click here to check out a little sampling of some fun video work we've done with our clients!

Follow our blog for more tips and tricks as we go into 2014.  Happy New Year!