Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is Your Business Ready For The Next Storm?

By The Silent Partner Marketing

Milk and bread.

If I had to identify a theme of the day Wednesday, it would have been "milk and bread".

As in..."there's a big one coming - gotta get some milk and bread".

Apparently it didn't occur to anyone that we live in New England.  You know, that part of the country where it snows in the winter.

As countless people jam the grocery stores, it makes me wonder - who can't go a day without milk and bread?

But more importantly - do you people have NO food in your house?

That brings us to the topic of preparedness.  I'm not talking Homeland Security preparedness - I'm not here to lecture you on the fact that if you need to rush to a grocery store in a panic every time it's going to probably shouldn't be allowed to cut your own meat.

But it SHOULD make you think about the business you run.

How prepared is your business to handle the next storm?  That storm could come in the form of Mother Nature.  It could come in the form of a bad review or negative impact on social media.  It could come in the form of some bad press, brought upon by a member of your staff making controversial comments.

It's that very topic that we'll be addressing at our seminar on Tuesday, February 18th at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce.  The event, geared towards business owners, will start with some coffee, muffins and networking at 8am.  The seminar itself will run from 8:30am-9:30am - and it's free.  But seats are VERY call the Manchester Chamber of Commerce at 860.646.2223.

The seminar is called The Duck Dynasty Dilemma.  We'll be exploring public relations outbreaks and how they have the potential to turn into outrageous marketing.  Now before you get all huffy and puffy - we won't be getting into the politics of The Duck Dynasty Dilemma.  We'll let you debate that over lattes at Starbucks.  Here's what we WILL be looking at:

-How to deal with negative press.
-How to implement a social media strategy for your staff.
-How to deal with negative reviews and turn them into great opportunities.
-What's this whole "outrageous marketing" thing and what does it mean for my business?

We should warn you - this seminar isn't for the faint of heart.  We'll explore everything from Miley Cyrus getting naked and Justin Bieber getting high (for the love of God can SOMEONE deport him already??).  We'll inspire you to try new and creative strategies to grow your business.  We'll make you question your social media strategy.  We'll make you salivate...and get excited about sinking your teeth into reviews.  We'll even have some giveaways and prizes.

But we won't have milk and bread.  There's only so far we're willing to go.

The Silent Partner Marketing is a boutique marketing firm that fills the role of a marketing team for your business.  From social media, public relations, blogging and other digital videography, photography, event planning and consulting on traditional advertising - we've got you covered.  For a complimentary consultation or to learn more, click here to visit our website, email us by clicking here or call us at 866.432.6456.