Friday, February 7, 2014

Creative Cocktails And Your Brand Online

First, let's be clear.  That's not Tony Stark.  Sorry, ladies.

We had the opportunity to film at Grants Restaurant and Bar in West Hartford last week.  Smack in the middle of a snowstorm, we were surrounded by bartenders from some of Connecticut's hottest bars and restaurants...all learning about Hennessy.

It was at this tasting that I learned a little bit about phylloxera.  Ever hear of it?  It's a bug that attacks grapevines and sucks the sap from their roots.

Here's the interesting thing.  I'm going to boil down the history into about a sentence.  The bug hit...and nearly wiped out vineyards in Cognac, France.  And what does low supply do?  Leads to a higher demand - and price.  And without spending too much time going into the details - I should also point out that the Great Wine Blight also in a roundabout way lead to a greater demand for scotch.  

There's a lesson in this for every business owner.  In today's economy, we can't always see what's coming down the pipe.  A new restaurant opening across the street... your competitor doing a BIG advertising push...or a shift in the demographics that are doing business with you.

Our team at The Silent Partner Marketing helps you to take each of these challenges...and find the opportunities in them.  

As the price of cognac rose drastically thanks to the little know what also rose?  Perceived value.

Marketing is the message.  Advertising is the delivery method.  Let The Silent Partner Marketing help you sell your customers on the VALUE of doing business with you...not the PRICE of your services.