Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Marketing Resolutions For Your Company in 2014

"In times of change, learners inherit the earth - while the learned are beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."  ~Eric Hoffer

Most business owners already have too much on their plates.  Trying to balance inventory, payroll, staffing, and every other component of running a company takes enough work - so who has time for social media or other forms of marketing?  Blogging?  Video production?  Yeah...maybe next year.

It's this very challenge that brought most of the clients we work with to us.  From restaurants and car dealerships to contractors and spas...they all face the same challenge - trying to remain competitive in the digital age.  

Our team fills the role of a marketing team for the companies we work with - without the costs of a high payroll and benefits.  You get the expertise of a marketing team to develop and execute a marketing strategy for your company - at a fraction of the cost and NONE of the headache.

Take this latest study out of London as an example.  It's found that many older teenagers have found that Facebook is "not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried".  Bet you were just thinking that in the new year, you should start to think about making a Facebook page, weren't you?

Or how about YouTube?  Why is it that all of a sudden so many businesses are exiting YouTube...or shifting content to Vimeo?  These are some of the questions our team at The Silent Partner Marketing answers for our clients every day.

My point isn't that you SHOULDN'T be taking advantage of social media outlets such as Facebook and YouTube.  It's that it's next to impossible for business owners to keep up with these trends...much less understand how to use them to grow their business.

The Silent Partner Marketing is here to offer free guidance and advice as you try and figure out what to do in 2014 to market your business.  Hit us up at the gmail account we've created to help answer your questions -  We're happy to offer some tips and tricks.

Keep in mind...we're happy to offer a free consultation as well to help you get 2014 started on the right foot.  Our boutique marketing firm helps develop and execute strategies to help you grow - and we help you to have fun doing it.  Click here to check out a little sampling of some fun video work we've done with our clients!

Follow our blog for more tips and tricks as we go into 2014.  Happy New Year!