Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bobsleds, Busted Doors and Outrageous Marketing

I'll never forget the time I was staying at a hotel and broke the toilet lid.  

Don't ask. 

Sure was a far cry from the hotel mishap you're going to read about here.

All I'll say is this.  What should have been a romantic evening turned into a desperate search for a glue strong enough to fix the lid...and lots of praying that the staff wouldn't notice.

No tweeting pictures of the mayhem.  No Facebook check-ins at Home Depot.  Social media didn't exist back then.

Flash forward.  Sochi, Russia.  If you haven't already seen this - you can thank me later.

USA bobsledder Johnny Quinn got out of the shower Friday night and realized he was locked in the tiny bathroom.  Apparently he was also claustrophobic.  Or really hungry.  Or desperate to watch Russian soap operas.

When he realized he couldn't get out, the former Green Back Packer took an...unusual...approach to escape.  And the first thing he did?  He tweeted about it.  With, of course, a custom hashtag:

In a true show of American pride, teammate Dallas Robinson did what any bro would do.  He gave him props, Twitter-style.  Retweeting the photo, he added:

U.S. skeleton athlete John Daly asked the tough question on Twitter that I'm sure many of you were also thinking:

Well, he has a point.  Oh, come on - you're not fooling anyone.  We KNOW you're surfing Pinterest in there.

There's a lesson here for business owners.  We're no longer living in a day where you superglue the toilet lid back together and hope for the best.  In 2014, EVERYTHING is out there.  A simple tweet can end up hitting more eyeballs than you could have ever imagined.  

So we leave you with just one question: are you the type of business owner who will sit and hope someone shows up...or are you going to bobsled down the door in front of you and tell the world who you are?

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