Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How Marketing is Like Dieting

Every January, countless numbers of Americans make a resolution to lose weight.  Every February, countless numbers of Americans cancel their gym membership.

The same can be said for so many small business owners when it comes to their marketing.

"I'm going to do that Facebook thing this year!"

"I'm going to start a newsletter!"

"I'm going to put out balloons every Saturday!"

So many good little consistency.  

As we all know, the trick to achieving your resolution for a healthy "you" creating a plan and sticking to it.  The same goes for your business.

We recently met with a company that wanted us to design and execute a social media strategy for them.  After looking through the initial concept, the person we were meeting with offered this: "But what if I only have you post a couple of times a month?  Will it be a different price?"

It WILL be a different price.  Actually, it won't cost you a thing.  Because we just won't do it.

It's our job to help small businesses implement marketing strategies that work... not to help them be on social media "a couple of times a month" so they can say they are on it.

So it's time for a little self-reflection.  Are you marketing sporadically just so you can "be out there", or do you have an actual marketing strategy?

Our team is here for businesses that can't afford to create a marketing team or hire a marketing executive.  We save you the payroll and benefits...offering outside consulting, design and execution of a custom-tailored marketing strategy for your business.

Stick with your marketing diet this year.  Contact The Silent Partner Marketing today for a free consultation.